RichFaces Bootstrap

Brand new JSF components build on top of the popular
Twitter Bootstrap set of HTML components.

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One component set to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

All Bootstrap power

Built on top of Bootstrap from Twitter, the RichFaces Bootstrap project is wrapping all the awesomeness of Bootstrap, all its great components, and all its effects as JSF components! It's magic and we're sure you'll love it!

Font-Awesome icons

Want beautiful, scalable, awesome icons in your applications? Check out and the discover Font Awesome icons, a totally free collection of amazing icons. These icons are also Bootstrap compatible and we've included them in our JSF too!

Community project

RichFaces Bootstrap is a true open-source community-driven project ready to accept contributions of all kinds! You can participate! Fork the GitHub repo, file our JIRA issues, join weekly meetings or just come to say hi on #richfaces IRC chan at

Bootstrap on steroids

As awesome as Bootstrap is, it's never enough! We are adding some new smooth features to it leveraging existing OSS jQuery plugins wherever possible, and styling the with the Bootstrap design in order to extend the number of RichFaces Bootstrap components.

Life on the bleeding edge

HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript5, LESS... did you ear about these (new) technologies? They have started to change the face of the web and RichFaces Bootstrap supports them, providing you new components, new attributes and new effects.

Sandbox project

Warning! This project is currently a "sandbox" project and is under heavy development. As such both tags and attribute names are subject to change at any time. Use it for fun or prototyping purposes only! But do stay tuned for the release of course!

Big demos

The demos are ports of the original Twitter Bootstrap demos built using JSF components instead of basic HTML tags. They will allow you to quickly browse all of the RichFaces Bootstrap features and see nice examples. These demos are located on the left of the top navbar.

Fully documented

Each RichFaces Bootstrap component has a dedicated documentation page which will provide you all the information you need to know in order to use it. The VDL taglib docs are also be present on those pages. You can browse them via the top navbar, components have been grouped there by theme.